Sammy’s Story

One of our first rescues was also one of the most notable. We were contacted by an owner that was running out of time and money. He had a very sick Chincoteague Colt, who was dying of Salmonella poisoning at 15 weeks old. When I asked the owner what the baby’s name was, he said that they didn’t even bother because he wasn’t supposed to live.

We took this colt in and placed him in a quarantine location not far from our farm. None of the vets in our area would help this colt – he arrived with Pneumonia and dehydration, plus both back legs were swollen with Salmonella infection. He was stricken with a fever and couldn’t even hold his head up – it looked hopeless for the little guy.

Thankfully, a vet from Southern Delaware offered her help in the nick of time. She drove 2 hours from her practice to come and help us. Still, he had a 10% survival rate. We did immediate surgery on both legs – flushing the infection and giving him strong antibiotics. A culture done on his legs showed that the salmonella had cleared up, however, he managed to contract Pseudomonas, a very rare and resistant bacterium found mostly in humans.

Again, we treated both legs, gave him antibiotics and painkillers. Daily, his condition has improved. This little guy has a lot of heart – he has managed to make it against all odds. Every day, we clean and treat his legs, give him antibiotics and a new bandage. While he continues to thrive, we are also running out of funds to help him. Our vet bills were in the thousands – without the continued use of antibiotics, he never would have made it.

When he arrived without a name, we started calling him “Fuzzy Peaches” after his mother, but we have since changed it to Sammy, which stands for “Summer’s Absolute Miracle”. We are happy to report that, despite his humble beginnings, he is thriving with a family in Delaware. Its amazing how love, care, and dedication can save a little life.

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