Beyond the Ring

There are so many ways a horse is good for a child. When you think about all the pressures of childhood today – from drugs to bullying – there is no wonder that kids are looking for a way to connect. What better way for a child to open up than to a horse that has nothing to give in return but unconditional acceptance and limitless hope?

Through the years of running the outreach program, so many children have passed through the gates of our sanctuary. Some wanted to be there, others would have rather been anywhere but. The overall feeling that something more powerful was happening when kids and horses were present together was always present.
Horses are innocent yet wise, and children are so real that there can be magic when a connection is made. Our horses have always been patient therapists, despite eager fingers learning how to braid or a child who just needs the extra nudge to reach out and touch a soft nose. The magic is there.

There is nothing better than the sound of a child’s laughter down a barn aisle, or of a calm nicker when it’s time for breakfast. The sounds of a barn make it alive and full of promise and hope. Our horses learned to be part of skits, enjoyed the interaction of a quiet volunteer and appreciated the rub-down after a training session.

It took years to realize that the joy in rescue and outreach is tangible. It is a pulse, a gift and an awakening of the spirit. To provide opportunities for horses and children alike has been such a spiritual and therapeutic journey. Allowing them the chance to unplug and connect. Allowing a horse to really get close to a child. Healing together. These are some good things. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Stay tuned for the next chapter.